Overcoming Adversity

After thirteen games we worked our way into a tie for first place in the division. At 7-6 we had the opportunity to take control of our playoff destiny, facing off against our division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs. Saturday December 16th we lost to the Chiefs 30-13. Although we came up short in an important game, we still have a shot to make the playoffs.


We must remind ourselves that we’ve been here before. We faced serious adversity in the beginning of the season. When the world counted us out after our 0-4 start, we bounced back and won seven of our next nine games. It’s crucial that we approach our last two regular season games with the same mentality that made us successful during our winning streak.


After fourteen games we’re 7-7. We still believe we will make the playoffs. It’s easy to give up and play the blame game when things don’t go as expected, but tough losses help build resiliency. In my opinion our squad is one of the most talented teams in the NFL on both sides of the ball. If we trust in the process and play our best football we can’t be beat. We are still fighting. Shoutout to all the die hard fans that stick with us through the ups and downs. Keep hope alive and keep believing in us.


Brandon Mebane Comment