7 Ways My Life Has Changed in LA

1. New Neighbors

Despite the fact that a handful of African American families on my team had trouble finding owners willing to rent their homes to us, there were dozens of Irvine/Orange County residents that reached out via email and social media to welcome us to the neighborhood. Some even invited our family to dinner. Despite initially feeling unwelcome here in Irvine, thank you to the many people that let us know they are happy to have us as neighbors. 

Photo by Melissa Lyttle for The Undefeated 

Photo by Melissa Lyttle for The Undefeated 

2. New Home

The layout of our new home is very different but we love it because the family room has a more open design, the backyard has a pool, and we're closer to family. 


3. Still No Man Cave

Once again my wife has vetoed my plans to create a man cave. This makes three homes in a row with no man cave. My video game HQ is still lean and mobile until further notice.  

4. Summer Swimming

My daughter Mahailey is taking swim lessons and now the whole family swims regularly!  



5. First Day of School

My son Makai is starting his first day of school soon. Time to hit the books son! 



6. Makai's First National Commercial! 

Makai's first national ad is currently running on broadcast tv. Check it out here!  


7. The Vegan Season

Seabird's Kitchen has been our go to restaurant since moving to the OC. They have great vegan food! There's one in Costa Mesa and another in the LBC. 


8. Droppin' Pounds

I reported to training camp 11 pounds lighter than I was last season. #beachbody #summerready

Photo by Chargers.com

Photo by Chargers.com

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