Off Season Hustle

One week of off season training done.

Everyone is excited, but the tone is serious. The energy feels good, we are super focused. Focused on winning our division.

I was cleared to participate in off season training a little over a week ago. It feels good to get out there and be 100 percent. My bicep feels great 💪🏾. I worked my butt off this off season so I could be prepared. I feel stronger than ever now. This past week we pretty much ran, weightlifted, did laterals and things like that. Training is always physically challenging, but you're talking to a champ so I welcome the challenge lol.

Even as a seasoned player, I'm looking forward to the rest of off season training to learn more about the game. I'm still striving to be a wiser, more strategic player on the field. This will be my 11th season but I'm still a student of the game...always studying, always asking questions, always learning new things.

Check back throughout the off season as I prepare for an explosive first season in my hometown Los Angeles.

The head strength coach giving us a speech (photo source:

The head strength coach giving us a speech (photo source:

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