NFL Combine 2007

The 2017 NFL Combine is currently underway in Indianapolis. Seeing photos of all the young guys fighting for a spot in the NFL got me reminiscing about my combine experience.

  1. What was combine like for you? Terrible [laughs]. You're waking up before the sun rises and going 100 all day! It feels like having back-to-back game days. I wasn't completely comfortable with the combine process. You're standing on a block in front of all kinds of people examining you like a piece of meat. Doctors and trainers are pulling and tugging on your body. The process felt like an out of body experience at times. I didn't expect the physical examinations to be so intense. Every team is asking about pre existing injuries! I was generally happy with my on-the-field performance, but I wanted to be more explosive during my 40 yard dash.
  2. What advice do you have for young guys participating now? Perform at the combine like you would perform in a game. A lot of guys can't translate combine drills to the field of play.
  3. What's your favorite part about combine? The interview process is exciting. Everyone's anxious about which team will select them in the draft. The anticipation is intense. Each interview could change your life. You're trying to figure out which team will draft you based on the questions they ask during the interviews.
  4. What's your least favorite part about the NFL Combine? Waking up at 4am EST to eat and go through testing.
  5. Any critiques about the combine? What should they improve? They should change locations. Move the combine to a warmer climate [laughs].
  6. How did you prepare for the combine? I left college a semester early. I went to train in Florida. Looking back on it I don't know if it was necessary to travel that far for training, but at that point in time I was extremely focused on making it into the league.
  7. How did you feel right before it started? Nervous! A combine performance doesn't dictate how good of a player you are but I was still anxious. I feel like the expectations are high and people associate combine performance with skill level.
  8. How did you feel afterwards? I was happy it was over, especially after I spent so long preparing for the combine. I felt like I could move forward afterwards. I was relieved for a short period of time and then the anticipation for the draft kicked in.
  9. What was the funniest moment of your combine experience? I didn't expect some of the personal questions. I remember one or two that took me by surprise. I think I started rambling about something unrelated [laughs] but I guess it all worked out in the end.
  10. If you were a GM what would you look for in a player? Intelligence. I would want a player that plays the game with his head. Someone that studies the game and plays smart on the field.
Brandon MebaneComment