Gameday {Part II}

photo source:  San Diego Chargers

photo source: San Diego Chargers

Gameday is when it counts! Gameday is when it's real! All the mental and physical preparation comes to a head and you're ready for war. In the previous post I gave you a rundown of my pre-game preparation at home. But what happens after I leave the house?

Once I hit the stadium and park the car I kiss my family goodbye and head to the locker room. At this moment I start to intensify my focus on the game. Here's what I do to prep my mind and body in the locker room...

Browse Gameday Magazine 

The first thing I do in the locker room is browse through the Gameday Magazine. I'm mostly looking at opponent info, community info, and team photos.

Listen to music

This is where 2 Pac comes in handy! I'm a big fan of 90's hip-hop. The locker room playlist is all about motivational jams. You have to keep your spirit balanced to play this game effectively. 

Get in hot tub

I'm a big hot tub fan! Hot tubs reduce anxiety and inflammation, increase blood circulation, and relax the muscles. Hot tubs also increase strength, flexibility, and range of physical motion. 


We all know stretching is crucial! I recommend stretching every day whether you're a professional athlete or not! Your joints need full range of motion. In the NFL every inch is important. An extended arm can be the difference between a first down and touchdown, a win or a loss. Stretch your body! 

Get taped up

Playing on the defensive line is all about balance. Balancing your body starts from the ground up. Taping ankles provides stability, helps me hold my position, and gain traction against all the double teams I face.

Suit up

Time to put on Sunday's best! I'm blessed to suit up in my 10th season. This is when the adrenaline starts to turn up a notch. Time for the team to come together as one unit.


Football is a brutal sport and we all have to humble ourselves. No one's invincible. We're all mortal. We give thanks and ask God to keep us safe on the field.  

Pre-game warm up

Pre-game warm up is when I get the first taste of the game time temperature. Sunny San Diego treats me good! I go through drills routines with the D-line and get some final stretching in. At the end of pre-game warm ups I head back into the locker room and get ready to emerge from the tunnel as a warrior. Focused is an understatement. Dominate dominate dominate!  

Game time

Let's whoop some ass!!  --Mebane

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