Gameday {Part I}

photo credit:  San Diego Chargers

photo credit: San Diego Chargers

Gameday goes a lil' somethin' like thissss...

1. Wake up

2. Leave team hotel

3. Come home to kiss my wife and kids

4. Wife and I cook breakfast:  eggs, potatoes, organic bacon. I'm not really a coffee person.  I never drink it, except on game days I'll brew a cup of organic Mexican coffee.

5. Get dressed

6. Put my wife "on the clock" - meaning she has 30 mins left before we leave.

7. Help get the kids ready

8. Pray with my family

9. Head to game with family - before I had kids I used to listen to Tupac on the way to the stadium. Now I listen to wheels on the bus round and round all through the town! I save the hype music for the locker room.

Check in tomorrow for Part II of "Gameday." I'll let you know what happens once I enter the stadium and hit the locker room.


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