Renewed Focus

This season has been a challenge. Dealing with a losing record and a season-ending injury is frustrating, but I believe a team experiences the most growth during times of struggle. I have never been apart of a team that caught the injury bug like we have this season. Some of our best players will miss the remainder of the season (including me), but there are some positive takeaways. The San Diego Chargers are deep and extremely talented on both sides of the ball. Many teammates have really stepped up in the absence of injured starters. We've had dominate stretches during every game, but we still need to figure out how to finish consistently. 

A few weeks ago I underwent surgery and now I'm in the recovery process. I'm utilizing this setback as a blessing in disguise. The silver lining is me spending more time with my wife and kids. They give me strength. It's time for me to hit the reset button. Time for us to hit the reset button. Time to renew my focus. As I'm preparing my mind, body, and spirit to overcome my current challenges there is a lot of uncertainty in the air. I'm not sure if the Chargers will be playing in San Diego next year. On January 15th (my birthday) the team owners are deciding whether the Chargers stay or go, whether my family has to move again, whether my wife and I have to find new schools for our children. Moving from Seattle to San Diego earlier this year was a big transition for my family. I love San Diego! I feel very respected and appreciated here! The weather is great, I'm closer to home, and the fans are very welcoming. I hope the team is here next year. I don't know what the immediate future holds, but all I can do is continue to work hard, teach others, and give thanks. Hopefully the team gels during the remaining games and we finish out the season strong. --Mebane

Brandon MebaneComment